Healthiest Loser Challenge 2013

A community weight loss challenge with over $1500 in prizes!


The Norwalk Lions Club is sponsoring a "Biggest Loser" type contest this fall for Norwalk area residents.

Participants receive a number of benefits from our sponsors to help them as they compete for over $1,500 worth of prizes by gaining the most points possible!

Points are awarded to participants as follows:

  • 1 point per day for exercising and tracking this exercise in a journal
  • 1 point per day for keeping a food journal
  • 50 points for each weekly seminar attended (seminars are geared towards making a healthy lifestyle change)
  • 50 points for attending the weekly exercise class as provided by our sponsors
  • 100 points per 0.1 BMI level drop between the first weigh in and the last weigh-in (What is my BMI?)

The challenge begins with a weigh-in on September 3rd and ends with a weigh-in on November 26th -- just in time for Thanksgiving dinner!

There will also be a weigh-in on October 15th to award prizes to the leaders at the halfway point.


By participating in this contest, you will receive the following benefits:

  • Anytime Fitness – 30 day free trial membership to participants.
  • Curves – 90 Day Trial Membership with instructors for participants and 25% off Curves Complete 90 Day Diet Plan.
  • North American Martial Arts Institute – 50% off a 3 month membership to Jump Start Fitness.
  • Norwalk Fitness & Training – 1 full week of classes free, plus 1 free class weekly.
  • Rec Center – 50 % off Annual & Quarterly Memberships.
  • Free weekly programs to learn about diet and exercise!


  • $250 Norwalk Chamber Gift Certificate awarded to winner of each group:
    • Female under age 40
    • Female over age 40
    • Male under age 40
    • Male over age 40
  • Second place winners in each above group will be awarded a $100 Norwalk Chamber Gift Certificate each.
  • A $50 Norwalk Chamber Gift Certificate will be awarded at the halfway point to 1st Place participants for each category.
  • Drawings will be held weekly for Prizes!


Below are the eligibility requirements for participating in this contest:

  1. Participants must have a current BMI (Body Mass Index) of 25 or higher. (What is my BMI?)

  2. Adults: Age must be 18 or older.
    Youths: (10-18) can participate ONLY if one of the parents also participates in the program. The Youth must have a current BMI of 25 or higher. The BMI minimum requirement is waived for the parent. Two individual applications must be filed together, designating they are a Parent/Youth Team. The parent must provide a government issued photo ID with the same last name, or appropriate documents proving they are the legal guardian of the youth to participate. They must also sign a waiver of liability for the youth.

  3. Any participant who has been previously diagnosed with either diabetes Type 1 or 2 must so designate on the application, and bring a signed note (on Physician’s Letterhead) from their primary care Doctor approving participation in the program. Bring it and leave it with registration officials at the starting weigh-in. If you do not have it with you, you will not be eligible.

  4. People who have had gastric modification procedures, or other weight loss surgeries done within the last year are not eligible to participate.

Contest Rules

Below are the full rules for this contest:

  1. Your participation in this program is voluntary.

  2. Should you have a medical history that would affect your ability to participate in this program, you should consult your primary care physician prior to application to the program.

  3. You understand and agree to release Norwalk Lions Club Inc., their collaborators, sponsors, and their employees and agents, from liability for any injury or illness which may result from your voluntary participation in this program.

  4. Applicants must meet eligibility rules, and properly submit application by the DEADLINE: 8/31/2013. All applicants are provisionally accepted. Applicants will be notified by e-mail (mail if no internet) within 7 days ONLY if their application does not meet eligibility requirements or if additional information is needed.

  5. Kick Off is Tuesday 9/3/2013. All meetings and weigh-ins will be held at the Norwalk Reservoir Clubhouse. Each accepted applicant will be required to attend, submit any required medical or parental custody forms, weigh in, have height measured WITHOUT SHOES, and determine the starting BMI (Body Mass Index). During the Kick Off there will be information available on participant discounts available at collaborating exercise facilities, education program schedules, approved extra point credit scheduled activities, and weekly journal pages to log daily exercise and daily food consumption. You can exercise anywhere you wish, we request but do not require you estimate calories expended and record it daily. You do not have to join an exercise facility.

  6. Daily exercise and food journals should be completed weekly and submitted by the end of the following week. We request but do not require that the food journal estimate calories consumed each day. Participants can e-mail the journals to or drop them off at any of the collaborating exercise facilities. We recommend the web site to ease tracking exercise and food intake and will accept printouts from this site for the food and exercise journals.

  7. We will have 1 weigh-in each month. Participants must attend all 3 weigh-ins:
    1. Tuesday 9/03/2013 Kick-Off 6-9 AM or 5-7 PM
    2. Tuesday 10/15/2013 6-9 AM or 5-7 PM
    3. Tuesday 11/26/2013 DEADLINE 6-9 AM or 5-7 PM
      • Final weigh-in, must submit last of exercise logs, food journals and extra point validations.
  8. Contestants will accumulate points based on:
    • Improvement in BMI: 1000 points for each full number dropped, prorated 100 points per tenth:
      • 30.6 down to 30.1 = 500 points
      • 30.6 down to 29.6 = 1000 points
      • 30.6 down to 29.3 = 1300 points
      BMI formula: (W/(H*H))703   (W - weight in pounds, H - height in inches).

    • Submit contest daily exercise log weekly = 1 point per day logged

    • Submit contest daily food journal listing all food and drinks = 1 point per day

    • Attending and signing in at announced Seminars on Nutrition, Diet and Exercise = 50 points per session attended. We plan on having 2 weekly sessions on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evenings at 7:00 PM during the Challenge; 1 seminar will be nutrition based, and 1 will be exercised based. Before each nutrition based seminar each participant is welcome to arrive early and do a 2 mile walk around the reservoir for an extra 50 points. This is all optional.
  9. Prizes - Norwalk Lions Club Inc. will award a total of $1,800.00 in prizes for winners plus door prizes and other ongoing incentives during the program with an estimated total in prizes around $3,000.

  10. The contest will officially end at the November 26, 2013 weigh in.

  11. All contestants are winners by proactively taking responsibility for their actions, learning how to improve their health, and making lifestyle decisions that affect their long term health.

  12. Contestants who complete the program will have points accumulation reviewed by representatives of Norwalk Lions Club Inc., whose decisions are final and binding.

  13. There will be a $250.00 winner prize and $100.00 runner-up prize, for the most accumulated points, in each of four categories based on age the day the contest starts. $100.00 prize will be awarded to each first place participant in each category at the halfway mark also.
    • Female under age 40
    • Female over age 40
    • Male under age 40
    • Male over age 40
    In addition, all contestants completing the program will have a chance to win door prizes provided by the community and the Lions Club.

  14. Prizes to winners will be announced and awarded by form of a Norwalk Area Chamber of Commerce Gift Certificate at an awards ceremony in December. That date is to be determined.

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To contact us with additional questions, please email or call us at 419-668-4888.

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